GEMET is highly networked with laboratories of international reputation most are ISO accredited, specifically licensed, or in the process of being ISO accredited and work according to strict auditable procedures.

Geo-metallurgical data is generated through upfront testwork planning and the appropriate preparation of drill core, augered coarse / fine residue deposits (CRD or FRD's) and bulk samples for metallurgical (includes pyrometallurgical) and if required environmental technology testwork. Database design, construction and interfacing with existing database enables future mine depletion models for clients.

The following high level services are offered with regard to metallurgical data generation:

  • Metallurgical testwork programme design and laboratory management using appropriate world class laboratory network. Can include on-site geo-metallurgical support laboratory design and operational QA/QC.
  • JKTech drop-weight testing (DWT) and SMC Test ® under license at GEMET Comminution laboratory in Johannesburg for Comminution circuit design. Such tests are considered highly appropriate towards Comminution circuit design and are applied in technology assessments such as high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) and various forms of milling circuit design whilst thoroughly considering ore variability.
  • Pilot scale and metallurgical technology (equipment) assessments based on bulk sample treatment.