GEMET is a dynamic team of geo-metallurgical orientated mineral process engineering and associated technical specialists focused on mine development projects.  Typically, engagements are especially within advanced exploration stages of mine development with eventual follow through into the brownfield support phases of the mining project life cycle. The team is strategically networked through strong collaborative relationships to specialist entities that have scarce and deep technical skills, thus enabling an integrated technical knowledge package to its clients; a major intangible asset.

GEMET and associates has extensive experience relating to mineral industries such as diamonds, gold, platinum, chrome, iron ore, base metals (e.g. copper, nickel & cobalt), coal, etc. and have worked extensively on mine development projects in Africa, Canada, Australia, Asia and South America                                                         

Strategic Intent - GEMET values strong professional relationships with clients and associates and strives to create significant mining project value by being integrally involved in the business of its clients in an appropriate support partnership. Relationships are built on mutual trust and high quality delivery according to well defined scopes of work which are specifically tailored to suit each clients unique project needs and requirements. Risk Reduction & Appropriate Mineral Process Technology Identification - By extending the resource understanding knowledge base beyond the realm of traditional mineral resource management functions such as geology, grade, revenue, density and volume determinations the added concept of geo-metallurgy significantly reduces ore processing treatability risk through detailed understanding of orebody spatial variability and is significant for future mine depletion strategising.