Bauer Augering Drill Rig (left) Sampling - QA/QC Management (at BSP middle). Represenattive sampling methods middle & right


Sampling is a most significant step in understanding the Geo-metallurgical (Geo-Met) properties of a mineral deposit and for increasing economic confidence levels. Investors will normally insist on an indicated resource classification prior to making any significant investment into a future mine.

Surveying and Sampling of the deposit by means of drilling or bulk sampling methods is fundamental prior to any future technical work relating to development of a mine. It can be done in a phased approach and can be combined with other major technical discipline requirements, e.g. geotechnical and mining extraction related work packages.

Furthermore, such work is critical for demonstrating appropriate technical activities during prospecting/exploration under licensing/permitting agreements with governments. For the RSA within the context of the mining legislation framework this work package is significant and highly appropriate. Furthermore, depending on the project stage of mine development (early conceptual or prefeasibility), sampling intensity and client capital spend is planned/tailored accordingly.

GEMET has much experience in the field of mineral deposit/resource sampling and is capable of managing and delivering such outputs in an approach appropriate to the strategic intent of the client. Services include resource/deposit surveying.



Gold Fines Residue Deposit (FRD) surveying, small diameter auger sampling, sub-sampling and independent QA/QC with sign-off for spatial Geo-Metalurgical grade determination.





Gold trench and outcrop based channel sampling and Independent QA/QC for GPS based Geo-Met determination.